Sensitive in action
Sensitive is an addictive puzzle game with 85 levels for colour screen phones. It is written to the MIDP 1.0 specification, which means it should run on just about any phone with Java support. It was written in the Sony Ericsson SDK, and tested on a Nokia handset, so it should work anywhere (hopefully!).

It is based on the C64 game of the same name, written by Oliver Kirwa.

  • 85 levels
  • A password every 5 levels (just type the password on the titlescreen)
  • Graphics that scale to your devices display
  • Written to MIDP 1.0 for maximum compatibility
  • In-game instructions
  • Its completely FREE!

Top tip! If you stop to think, and the backlight on your phone goes off, just press a number key such as 5 or 9 to turn it on again without moving your player.

Another Top Tip! As well as going over brown blocks twice to remove them, you can sit on them for a few seconds to turn them yellow. This isn't necessarily very obvious, so I thought i'd mention it here.

For christmas a couple of years ago, I got a Nokia 3100 phone. This is a nice, compact, colour screen phone that plays basic Java games and applications. This is all well and good, but the vast majority of games for 'basic' Java phones are.. well.. rubbish. They're usually completed very quickly, or become tiresome very quickly. So, I decided that if I was to get some decent games on my phone, the best thing to do would be to make them myself.

This is the first game I've created for my phone. Actually, its the first thing i've ever written in Java, too. I decided for my first attempt to convert a game I really enjoyed playing on my C64. The original C64 game, also called Sensitive, was given away on the cover of Commodore Format many years ago, and I found it very addictive. I figured this would scale down well to mobile phones and make a good practice project.

(Incidentally, if the windows and logo on this page have a grey border, you really should stop using Internet Explorer and start using a browser that can handle PNG transparency, such as Firefox or Opera.)

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or job offers, please e-mail them to pete _at_ petergordon _dot_ org _dot_ uk.

This game is freely distributable! In fact, it is explicitly forbidden to distribute this game for a profit. So there.
Click here to download the .JAR file
Click here to download the .JAD file

You'll then have to get it on to your phone. I use a USB cable with my Nokia 3100. Posh people with bluetooth on their phone and a bluetooth card in their computer can send it over that. Otherwise, you'll have to point your GPRS capable phone at which is quite a lot to type in on a keypad, but its worth it, i promise. Actually I don't know if that works since Vodaphone messed up my GPRS connection and I haven't bothered to ring them up and moan at them to fix it, so please let me know how you get on.

Spare some change, guvnor?
Aaahh yes. The game is free. Completely free. However, I am not a rich man, and I do have a mortgage, debts, and a girlfriend who all take their toll on my personal finances. So if you enjoy playing this game, and would like to see more Java games from me, please take the time to click this PayPal button, and send me a small token of your appreciation. Just five pounds could keep a Java programmer in beer for one evening, and 10 could keep him in beer for a whole weekend. Think of the Java programmers. Especially as Java is so utterly horrible.